Top Ten Reasons to Walk in 2014 with WalkCT

#10 - People living in walkable communities have a significantly lower risk of developing diabetes.

#9 - Walking 2.5 hours per week helps people age 60 and older to experience modest weight loss and significantly improve their mobility. Even those who don't walk that much get some benefit. Try walking 10 minutes at a time two or three times a day, and don't wait to start.

#8 - No matter the age you start, a little regular physical activity goes a long way in extending life. Even people who don’t start until their 80s can gain a few years by walking at least 4 hours per week. Active octogenarians also experience less depression and loneliness, and a greater ability to perform daily tasks.

#7 - Walkable communities are economically healthy. Real estate values increase with walkability, and homes near trails and paths are worth more and sell more quickly. People on foot spend on average 30–50% more in retail stores than those using any other means of transportation.

#6 - Just 5 minutes of outdoor exercise per day can improve mental health. Researchers found that even brief durations of a "green activity" such as walking, gardening, or cycling can boost mood and self-esteem.

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